Japan Shipbrokers Association Profiel

Message from Chairman
Our country, Japan, has increased our economic power by developing foreign trade as the country is surrounded by oceans. We, each member of Japanese Ship brokers association, act as agent and broker for Japanese and non-Japanese shipping companies, consignors and shipyards for chartering, Selling /buying vessels, and arranging projects. Our association is only the group in this industry that acknowledged by a Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport. We will do our best to contribute the development of Japanese shipping and shipbuilding industries by having meetings with relative organizations, offering brokers to join our association, and arranging lectures etc. We will try to have many people know about our association in order to have them understand and support ship broking business. Your support to our association is also very much appreciated.。

August 12,1959, founded the associations under the name of Tokyo shipbrokers association.
April 1st, 1971, we changed our name to Association of Japanese Ship Brokers.
March 1st 2002, we re named to Japan Ship Brokers Association.

Our members engaged in broking and coordinating of sale and purchase of ships, chartering vessels, and arranging ships for carrying cargoes etc.

We are looking to establish the position of ship broking business in the shipping industries and the purpose of the association is to help developing of ship broking business in Japan, to promote the welfare to the members, and to cultivate mutual friendship.

[Chairman of the Board of Directors]

  Yoshifumi Takeda Japan Shipping Services Co.,Ltd.
[Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors]
 Koji Fukui Fukuyo Kaiun Co.,Ltd.
 Junji Oguchi Sanwa Koeki Kaisha Ltd.
[Regular Board of Directors ]
 Shunsuke Mizushima Chart Shipping Co.,Ltd.
 Hiroshi Ogawa Yamamizu Shipping Co.,Ltd.
 Hiromichi Miyashita Chiyoda Yousen.Co.,Ltd.
 Hiroyuki Nagashima Sanki Kaiun Co.,Ltd.
 Akiteru Kouchi Kawabata Kaiun Co.,Ltd.
 Atsuhito Yoshida Noblex Marine , INC.
 Katsunori Nishikawa Matsui & Company,Ltd.
 Tetsu Hiruta UNIVERship co., ltd.
 Hiroshi Maruyama Toshin International Corporation
 Seiji Tanaka Ohara Shipping Co.,Ltd.

Our activity
Our association does below activities.
  * To provide our facility for our members.
  * To arrange lecture that relates our business including shipping market, exchange rate, and business
     knowledge etc. 3/4 times a year.
  * To held a party for our members, customers, and for related government officers.
  * Other activity that support our members


[Contact us] TEL/FAX :03-3561-1335/6107